Il Fattore Apartment

House in Tuscany Italy

IL FATTORE Holiday House - Sleeps 2 + 2

This house was once a Farm granary. It is a large studio house measuring 54m² with a gallery which has been made into a double bedroom. The ground floor comprises a large lounge, kitchen and bathroom with bathtub. The house has a large window, which looks out onto via Cellolese, and a large roof light. Entrance from Viale Garibaldi.

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Case Vacanze Fattoria Guicciardini Sas
Viale Garibaldi, 2/A - P.zza S.Agostino, 1 - 53037 SAN GIMIGNANO (Siena) Toscana Italia
Tel./Fax ++39 0577 907185 -